Witnesses of
The Gold Plates

Testimony of Three Witnesses

Oliver Cowdery
Martin Harris
David Whitmer

Testimony of the Eight Witnesses

Christian Whitmer
Hiram Page
Jacob Whitmer
Joseph Smith, SEN.
Peter Whitmer, JUN.
Hyrum Smith
John Whitmer
Samuel H. Smith

Other Historical Accounts and Witnesses

Mary Whitmer
Lucy Mack Smith
Emma Smith
Luke Johnson
Alva Beman
Katherine Smith Salisbury
William Smith
Harrison Burgess
Luman Shurtliff
Oliver Granger
Benjamin Brown
Zera Pulsipher
Lucy Harris
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Luke Johnson

(Biographical Information Coming Soon)

"While there I met Luke Johnson, one of the witnesses to the Book of Mormon. I had a curiosity to talk with him concerning the same. We took a walk down on the river bank. I asked him if the statement he signed about seeing the angel and the plates, was true. If he did see the plates from which the Book of Mormon was printed or translated. He said it was true. I then said, 'How is it that you have left the Church? If the angel appeared to you, and you saw the plates, how can you now live out of the Church? I understand you were one of the twelve apostles at the first organization of the Church?' 'I was one of the twelve,' said he, 'I have not denied the truth of the Book of Mormon. But myself and several others were overtaken in a fault at Kirtland, Ohio. . . . But I have reflected over the matter much since that time, and I have come to the conclusion that each man is accountable for his own sins, also that the course I have been pursuing injures me alone, and I intend to visit the Saints and again ask to be admitted to the Church."

Quoted by John D. Lee, 1846

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