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"Demetrius hath good report of all men, and of the truth itself: yea, and we also bear record; and ye know that our record is true."

3 John 1:12

Alva Beman
A Witness of the Book of Mormon

Alva Beman was born on May 22, 1775, in Berkshire, Massachusetts. He married in August of 1796, and had eight children. In 1799, the Bemans moved to Levonia, New York. There he became a very successful farmer, and also raised sheep and cattle. His children were all well educated, some even becoming teachers. Around 1827, he met Joseph Smith Sr., and they became lifelong friends. In 1828, he moved again to Avon, New York, in Livingston County.

Alva had been visiting the Smiths during one of the incidents when mobs came to steal the plates. To help protect them, Alva brought Joseph and the plates to his home. There they cached the plates in a box under his hearth where they wouldn’t be found. He wasn’t allowed to see the plates, however he was allowed to feel them under the cloth they were wrapped in. He also reported that when the plates were placed into the box under the hearth they made a metallic "chinking" sound.

Alva would go on to join the church, and traveled with the body of the church to Kirtland, Ohio. There he assisted in the construction of the temple, and would be ordained as the very first Elder’s Quorum president in January 1836. He died in Kirtland, in November 1837, while still holding that calling.

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