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"There is no substitute for a righteous home. That may not be so considered in the world, but it is and ought to be in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The family is the unit in the kingdom of God…"

Joseph Fielding Smith
President Joseph Fielding Smith



Houses of Joseph Fielding Smith

These pictures are of some of the houses and dwellings that Joseph Fielding Smith had lived in after his calling as an Apostle and then as Prophet. Joseph Fielding Smith is the son of President Joseph F. Smith, and grandson of Hyrum Smith. Joseph Fielding Smith worked as the secretary and treasurer of the Utah Genealogical Society and for The LDS Church as a Church Historian and Recorder. He was ordained as an Apostle on Apr. 7, 1910, and was sustained Church President January 23, 1970.

Joseph Fielding Smith house 1910-1925

165 North 200 West
Salt Lake City, Utah

Joseph Fielding Smith home 1971-1972

998 South Douglas Street
Salt Lake City, Utah

Joseph Fielding Smith home 1952-1971

101 East South Temple Street
Salt Lake City, Utah

Joseph Fielding Smith spent most of the years of his Apostleship and the first year of his Presidency living in this downtown Salt Lake apartment, that's owned by the church.

Joseph Fielding Smith home 1971-1972

Utah 1971-1972

Joseph Fielding Smith spent the last year of his life and Presidency living in the house of one of his daughters and her family.

His time as church president was short, but is noted for some consolidations and restructuring within church administration that is still used today. He also designated Mondays as the official night for Family Home Evening. He was a prolific writer and religious scholar, and was an apostle for over 60 years, the longest of any church president.