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"Beyond the individual, the smallest group in society is the family. A home based upon the principles taught by Christ is one of the most beautiful examples of Christian living. Each member of the family has the opportunity and privilege of being a doer and enlarging the ability to live the commandments more perfectly. Expanding the family unit into the great community of the Church gives rise to even greater opportunities of being doers of the word."

Howard W. Hunter
President Howard W. Hunter



Houses of Howard W. Hunter

These pictures are of some of the homes and dwellings that Howard W. Hunter had lived in after his calling as an Apostle and then as Prophet. Howard W. Hunter was a musician, and played the piano, violin, drums, saxophone, clarinet, and trumpet. After high school he played in a band on a cruise ship. In his 20's he worked at a bank, painted bridges, and worked for the Los Angeles Flood Control District. Eventually he completed a law degree at Southwestern University. He worked as a lawyer, building his own successful law practice in California. Howard Hunter was called as an Apostle on October 15, 1959, and became Church President on June 5, 1994.

Howard W. Hunter home 1961-1962

2450 East Maywood Drive
Salt Lake, Utah

Howard Hunter had come to Salt Lake in 1959 for a General Conference, looking forward to his retirement. The day before conference President McKay met with him to let him he was being called as an Apostle. After closing up shop in California the Hunters moved into this Salt Lake home.

Howard W. Hunter home 1962-1963

8 Hillside Avenue
Salt Lake City, Utah

Howard W. Hunter home 1963-1994

2833 Sherwood Drive
Salt Lake City, Utah

Howard W. Hunter Apartment 1994-1995

107 1st Avenue
Salt Lake, Utah

During his brief presidency, Howard W. Hunter lived in a suite in this apartment building which is owned by the LDS Church.

Howard Hunter was only President for 9 months before succumbing to prostate cancer. He's presidency is noted for calling members to be more Christlike, encouraging increased temple attendance, dedicating 2 temples and organizing the 2000th stake of the church. He also helped draft the Proclamation on the Family, that would be read to the world not long after his death by successor, Gordon B. Hinckley.