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"Again and again has been repeated the statement that the home is the basis of a righteous life. With new and badly needed emphasis on the "how," we must not lose sight of the "why" we are so engaged. ... Both the revelations of God and the learning of men tell us how crucial the home is in shaping the individual's total life experience. Running through all this is the urgency of impressing the importance of better teaching and greater parental responsibility in the home. Much of what we do organizationally, then, is scaffolding, as we seek to build the individual, and we must not mistake the scaffolding for the soul."

Harold B. Lee
President Harold B. Lee



Houses of Harold B. Lee

These pictures are of some of the houses and dwellings that Harold B. Lee had lived in after his calling as an Apostle and then as Prophet. Harold B. Lee grew up on rural Idaho. He earned his teaching certificate and worked as an elementary school teacher and later as a school district principal. His other careers included working as a district manager for a library supplies company and was an appointed member of the Salt Lake City Commission with responsibility for streets and public properties. Harold B. Lee was ordained an Apostle on April 10, 1941, and became Church President on July 7, 1972.

Harold B. Lee home 1952-1961

843 Connor Street
Salt Lake City, Utah

Harold B. Lee home 1961-1973

890 East Capitol Boulevard
Salt Lake City, Utah

Harold B. Lee only served as president for a year and a half before he passed away of a heart attack in this house in 1973. His most notable accomplishment was his innovations to the church welfare program during his time as an apostle.