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"We may build temples, erect stately domes, magnificent spires, grand towers, in honor of our religion, but if we fail to live the principles of that religion at home, and to acknowledge God in all our thoughts, we shall fall short of the blessings which its practical exercise would ensure."

George Albert Smith
President George Albert Smith



Houses of George Albert Smith

These pictures are of the houses that George Albert Smith had lived in during his calling as an Apostle and then as Prophet. George Albert Smith was a University of Utah graduate. During his professional life he worked for political campaigns, as a surveyor for the Federal Land Office, was President of the International Irrigation Congress and Dry Farm Congress, and in 1922 was National Vice President of the Sons of the American Revolution. George Albert Smith was called as an Apostle October 8, 1903 and was sustained as Church President May 21, 1945.

George Albert Smith house 1910-1914

1008 South Lincoln Street
Salt Lake City, Utah

George Albert Smith house 1919-1951

1302 East Yale Avenue
Salt Lake City, Utah

George Albert Smith lived in this house from the time he was 49 until he died on his 81st birthday.

His presidency is noted for his affiliation with The Boy Scouts of America, for sending humanitarian supplies to war torn Europe, conducted the first General Conference broadcast over Television, and for traveling approximately a million miles fulfilling church assignments across the globe.